Wattleman first joined the Coast Guard at the rank of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) (O-7). He was given the position of Head of Recruitment. He was later given the position of CO of DOG? and the rank of Rear Admiral (Upper Half) (O-8). Upon Corey10203040's promotion to Fleet Admiral (O-11), it was decided that they would promote Wattleman to Admiral (O-10) rather than Vice Admiral Chrisdog200, because VADM Chrisdog200 was too busy to fullfill the rank of Admiral. Therefore, Wattleman assumed the position of Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard and was the first VCCG to hold the rank of Admiral (O-10).

He later transferred to the Army where he held the commission of Major General (O-8) for? a short period of time before retiring from the Coast Guard altogether.

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