Rank Paygrade Status
Corey10203040 Fleet Admiral O-11 Active
Chrisdog200 Admiral O-10 Active
Benp400 Vice Admiral O-9 Active
Awsomebuilde12345 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-8 Active
HonsGruber Rear Admiral (Lower Half) O-7 Active


Captain O-6 Active
Bob37040 MCPOCG E-10 Active
Name Rank Paygrade Status
MintyOreos Captain O-6 Reserve
Name Rank Paygrade Status
Wattleman Admiral O-10 Retired
Stormchasers101 Vice Admiral O-9 Retired
Sweetkiller211 Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-8 Retired
Titanictheo Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-8 Transferred
SUICIDEWAFFLES Rear Admiral (Upper Half) O-8 Retired
Amtrak049 Captain O-6 Retired
Link483 Captain O-6 Retired
Basedboy101 MCPOCG E-10 Retired

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